Friday, March 08, 2013


This is on the road to Jemez Springs. A few weeks ago there was a rockslide from this ridge. You can see the lighter color where the rocks slide down the ridge. There is the house on the left and another hid in the trees at the bottom of the ridge. I took photos from a parking lot across the road where a small store is. That must have been a lot of noise and very scarey for those living there. On the left side of the photo on the second layer of rock ledge there was a small slide about 20 years ago. We noticed it when we drove up one day and the scar was still fresh then.


  1. Wow! Impressive. Must have been even more impressive to watch or hear.
    Two years ago we were driving up the forest ride to Fenton Lake and found a refrigerator size boulder right in the center of road, just past the Gilman Tunnels. We thought we would have to turn back, but right at the same time, a truck showed up and showed us how to ride up the steep sandbank on the side of the dirt road, and we managed to make it around that boulder.
    I kept thinking, that I was glad I wasn't right there on that road when that boulder fell!


  2. I think I remember that big rock in the road by Gilman Tunnels. Actually there have been several about that size in that road over the years. Wouldn't be surprised to see another the next time we are on it.

  3. ... mountains look as if they will stay the same for eternity, I never think of rockslides ...