Friday, March 08, 2013

A Day Out

We took a day to go for a drive to some of our favorite places and try out the new camera. A couple of shots of a hiking and fishing area along the Jemez Creek.

Two photos of a little water fall called Soda Damn as it is a natural fall and damn with and because of the way the water causes a rush of bubbles as it falls some thought it looked like the bubbles in soda's or soft drinks like colas.

 A walk along a forest trail.
 Looking out across the creek that runs under the bridge in the above photo.
 Tuffee went with us and enjoyed our walk.
 A big rock called Battleship Rock.
 On the drive home we are headed for the Sandia Mountains and Albuquerque.
 We turned off before getting to Albuquerqe to go to Rio Rancho and stopped to get a couple of photos of the Sandia Mountains with desert. Albuquerque would be hid by the juniper tree on the right.

And Tuffee decided to stick out her tounge just as I snapped this one.

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  1. lovely scenery - mountains fascinate me. We don't get too many round here :-)