Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quail and Tomatoes

I wish I could get photos of the little quail that have been coming in every day to eat some of the left over tomatoes. I never figured quail would eat tomatoes. It is a sight to see when one of them grabs a small cherry tomato and the others chase the one with the tomato. And there are usually other tomatoes out there if they would just look for them. We still have a few of the left over tomatoes that we pulled back when it first froze. Then they were green but they have ripened and most didn't taste to good to us, and then they got over ripe. But the quail don't seem to mind. I have just been putting a few out every day so they don't freeze at night if the birds don't eat them. I haven't seen any of our other birds - sparrows, chick a dees, curved bill thrush, mockingbirds, doves, black birds, red headed house finches - eating the tomatoes. Those birds went after the apples and peaches. I didn't see the quail eating that many apples or peaches. But they sure do like those tomatoes, especially the little cherry ones that they can run away with.

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