Friday, August 03, 2012

Ankle Brace

Oh the problems of getting old. Mother Nature doesn't want me to have fun anymore. Has anyone else had experence with these braces?
        So after many years of having doctors tell me there is nothing wrong with my foot I went to another podiatrist the other day and she said my foot hurts because I have bad nerve and tendon damage as well as lots of arthritis in it. Especially the tendon that runs down the inside of the leg and across the ankle bone. I thought my ankle was broke the way it hurt. She said it is just the ravages of age and I need to wear this brace. It does go in a tennis shoe so can wear shoes with it. Also she will do ultrasound and then maybe injections or physical therapy.
This seems to be the result of genetics and many, many years of standing on my feet all day on concrete floors as a cashier. And doing lots of yard work. There were several times when I dropped something heavy on my feet and ignored the bruises. this is on my left foot. Already had the bunion removed from it about 12 years ago but it only helped the witht of my foot. Not the pain. The right foot needs the bunion off but not until this foot is better. Also right knee has a problem with arthritis and trys to dislocate sometimes. So we will see if this thing helps.

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  1. Sage, I had a knee brace like yours for my right knee. I just woke up one morning and it hurt LIKE HELL!!! I could barely walk on it and I had to go to school. I got to my doctor 3 days later. Xrays, yup, showed arthritis...I wore the brace for about 10 days. I started taking glocosamine & condroitin. My doctor put me on Celebrex. I took one pill and threw the rest out. They were AWFUL! I'd rather go the natural route. Now I don't have any pain, but it did last about 3 months. Sending good thoughts your way...
    Cheryl Ann