Friday, May 25, 2012

Washing Machine

My washing machine had been refusing to let more than a trickle of water come into the tub at a time for a while. Which meant that it would take many long minutes each time it went through the fill cycle. So we pulled it and the dryer out of their cubby hole in the garage to find out why. We had an idea and were right, there was a bunch of corrosion built up in the little filters that cover the hoses that let the water in.
        We have extremely hard water here. Lots of minerals in the water that cause corrosion. We cleaned the filters and I decided to clean behind the washing machine and the dryer since they were pulled out. The tube to vent the dryer had come off and there were piles of lint behind in the back of the 'closet' that the washer and dryer live in. It was a lot of work but I cleaned all the lint out and when we got them back in the washer let lots of water come pouring out into the tub as it had been meant to do.
       I tell you this because we were lucky we hadn't had a fire due to all the lint that had accumulated in behind the dryer. I would recommend that everyone check out the area behind the washer and dryer every year or so to make sure the vent hose hasn't come off the dryer. And if you notice your washer not working as well as it should you might find the problem easy to fix by cleaning the little filters on the hoses.
       This information might save someone from having a fire in their house, and at least save you from a large plumbing bill to find out why you can't use the washer.

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  1. Yes, that's always a good reminder. I'm going to do that as soon as school is over for the year.