Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leaky Sink

So a few days ago it was the washing machine and yesterday the leak in the kitchen sink got a lot worse. It had been leaking for some time. Anything from a slow drip to a steady stream, unless you were careful to hold your mouth and teeth just right and find the magic off spot by putting the spout in just the perfect place somewhere near the middle of the sink. The dishwasher hadn't been acting right either, and neither had the garbage disposal.
       So Lee started checking things out and found a leak under the cabinet right over the electric outlet for the dishwasher. Yukkkkkssss. Danger. That had to be fixed now.
        So he started taking things apart. Being a man he started with the least likely place - the dishwasher. He took it completely out to find there was nothing wrong with it. He decided - as I had told him - that the problem might be with the garbage disposal. So it came out - which would be necessary to put in a new faucet anyway. The disposal was full of undigested gunk. Disgusting and stinky. Well that was part of the problem. The crocked pipe under the sink was full of the same gunk. They went to the garage to be cleaned.
        Then it was off to the store to get a new facet for the kitchen. And one for each of the two bathroom sinks as both of them had very slow leaks. The hard water we have does a number on sinks and faucets. There is corrosion all around the faucets of all sinks that I can't get off by any amount of scrubbing with any of the products meant for getting corrosion or lime deposit off.
     Lee took a piece of emery cloth to the deposits around the kitchen faucet. Didn't leave as many scratchs on the stainless steel sink as I thought it might. We considered a new sink - until we looked at the price. Faucet we got was $50 bucks. Not the cheepest but certainly not the most expensive. New sinks started at about $100 bucks. We decided we could live with the old one for now as there was actually nothing wrong with it except the hard water deposits.
      Then we found that the water lines that we had from old faucet were a lot smaller than the new faucet needed. So it was back to the store for new water lines.
       Finally the new faucet was in. And the garbage disposal was back in place and nothing was leaking. New faucet is almost beautiful compared to the old one.
             With all the trouble we had putting in the kitchen faucet I wonder how long it will be before the bathroom faucets are replaced.
            I wonder what will need fixing next?

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