Monday, April 05, 2010

Free Manure

Having horses and ponies we always have to much manure as any one that has equines knows. The past couple of months our medical problems have got worse. Bad backs, bad feet, bad legs, and migraine headaches, with nerve damage to parts of our bodies (or that is what the doctors call it). So with all these medical problems and an excess of horse manure I put several adds on Craig's List to see if people would want any for their gardens this spring. (most springs we have enough friends and strangers stop by for the manure that we don't have to place an ad).
Here is a sample of my ad.

FREE * Horse Manure for Fertilizer * FREE
Have several pickup loads of Horse Manure good for using in your garden or Compost Pile.
Bring Your Truck and Shovel and a Strong Back----- You Have To Load It!

I learned a long time ago that there are a lot of people that are a bit dumb, stupid, and unable to read. But the calls I have received about my FREE Horse Manure really goes over the top.
I will start by saying there there were 3 very nice young men that came and took most of the manure. Here's hoping they get good gardens with it. I use it on my garden, trees, and flowers with good sucess.
But it was the other calls. I go several asking how much the manure cost. (I will remind you it says Free in the ad)
One woman called and asked how much our COW manure cost (I will remind you it says Horse in the ad and Free)
One wanted to know what manure was. (dahhh I explained it was recycled hay but that wasn't good enough so I added it was what came out the back end of the horse but I still don't think she understood)
Several people called and ask how much I would charge to load it for them (I will remind you it say You Have To Load It! so I added that I Can Not Load It to the ad)
The last and best was the woman who called on Easter Morning asking why she had to bring her truck, and shovel and why didn't we have a tractor to load it with. (after yelling at her I couldn't afford one I hung up before I said something worse).

Moral of this story - Think and I mean really THINK before you respond to ads on Craig's List.

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  1. not the brightest stars in the Galaxy!!!