Saturday, June 11, 2005


My roses are blooming. I have three yellow ones and two red ones. I am very proud that I can raise roses in the desert. My secret, if anyone should want to know it, is that I feed them bananas. Yes, you got that right bananas. Along with a can of beer and a handfull of epson salts, and another handfull of horse manure. (Thats 'cause I got all the horse poop I can use, and then some). I make a bucket of the beer, epson salts and a gallon of water and pour it on. Then I shove a shovel down about six inches and about twelve inches away from the base of the rose. I then shove a ripe banana into the hole made by the shovel and cover it up again. Next scatter a good handfull of well dryed horse manure around the base of the rose. Never, never put it up against the trunk of the rose. And always make sure it is well dried. If you don't have your own supply of manure, get some steer manure from your local nursery. If it says heat treated, so much the better. Make sure you never over do it with the manure. It is so easy to burn up plants, roses, and trees by using to much manure or fresh stuff. Water well, and I mean well. At least a couple of gallons of water every other day. Oh, and if your just planning those roses, don't forget to add some top soil, and a good multch.

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