Sunday, June 12, 2005

No Punctuation

I have been trying to read other blogs and I am finding it very difficult. What is with this idea that you don't have to punctuate what you write any more? I refuse to read blogs or anything else on the net that has no capitalization, punctuation, and can't even spell the most simple of words. I'm not saying everything has to be perfect, but come on, why should I have to figure out where one sentence ends and another begins. Reading what someone else wrote can be to much of a chore when it is punctuated. Why can't you, the writer capitalize the names of people, cities, countries or your pets names? To my way of thinking if you don't capitalize these few things it means you do not care for them. This is just another way of saying you are not educated, and do not want to learn. Voicing your opinion is a good thing, but if no one can figure out what you are saying what good is writing it? Again I will simple refuse to read your blog, no matter how intersting it might be if it doens't have some punctuation.

1 comment:

  1. Spelling mistakes - hate them! But my pet peeve is capitalization. *Shudders*