Saturday, February 18, 2017

Salt River Canyon

There was a bridge across the Salt River at this point. Actually 2 bridges. Used to be if a new bridge was built the old one was torn out. Now I see many places where if the old one is safe for walking on it is left in place for visitors to walk out and look down on rivers and other views. What a good idea.

This part of the Salt River is on Apache Reservations.

After I shot this view of the Salt River Canyon and was thinking how much it looked like the Grand Canyon my sister called out there was a bird coming up out of it. She instantly changed 'bird' into 'jet'. Before I could even think about what she had said we were inundated by the sound of 2 Stealth Fighters come up and curving over us. The noise was incredible. Now remember we both grew up on Air Force Bases where you learn to sleep through the sound of jets and the sonic booms of jets breaking the sound barrier. Those jets have nothing on the Stealth Fighters. It seemed as if they were only about a hundred feet over us, and they were right over us, but they were probably higher. In a second they were gone and were we left wondering if it really happened. It was frightening but at the same time it was exhilarating. I was holding the camera up and some how I had snapped a shot of the second jet as it flew over. Not a great shot but a lucky one.

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