Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hoya Vines and Geraniums

Most of my houseplants have been blooming. Here are some of the better pics. First 3 are of my zonal geraniums.

these 3 pics are of my two Hoya vines. I do keep them in the house year round. There are lots of different Hoyas but I only have the two. One has a pale pick blossom, the other one is darker. They put on these clusters of half inch blossoms with dark centers. The leaves are heavy dark green. I would almost call these plants a succulent. They are a vine but do need help to stay around my curtain rods that they like to climb on since they make a nice hanging plant. I will warn you they do have a very strong perfume odor. Most people like it but I find it so strong that I can get a headache from it. The odor is stronger at night than in the day time. Sadly I do find my self cutting of these beautiful blossoms when the odor gets to bothering me to much. Some times I put them in a bowl of water and leave them outside for a few days so I can enjoy them longer. They do seem to make a good cut flower just on a short stem. Hoyas are easy to grow, not taking much care. I only water mine about every 2 weeks and I live in the desert. I would think in a high humidify climate you might could only water once a month. They do like bright light but don't need direct sun like we get here which is why I keep them in the house.
The geraniums seem to do better with the direct sunlight but need lots more water.

Martha Washington Geraniums

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