Monday, March 14, 2016

Making a Dog Bed

 These aren't the best photos but I needed new dog beds for my dogs. I didn't like the ones I saw at the store. They seemed to thin and to expensive. So I took an old mattresses out of a camp trailer that was a piece of foam about 3 inches thick that had an old cover on it. I didn't take the cover off but did cut the mattress into pieces about 2 and a half feet square. I have what I consider medium sized dogs, a border collie and the one in the photos a shepherd/Doberman cross. If making a bed for a larger or smaller dog you could use a different size. I had a sheet I had picked up at a garage sale some time ago that I liked the design on but it wouldn't fit my bed. I cut the sheet to fit the foam beds and sewed up like a large pillow case to fit. I made the two dog beds and had enough foam left to make two cat beds that are about a foot square. Both the dogs and the cats like their new beds especially my older border collie who was needing something a little softer.


  1. Oh, gosh...I think I have that sheet pattern! Yes, it's an old one, but I still love it!

  2. Very creative. Doggy looks happy!