Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cloudy Day on the Desert

Went out on the desert about a week ago and it was cloudy for a chance instead of the blue sky days we normally have. Most are pics of juniper trees or cholla (pronounced cha-ya), one with a lot of yellow fruit on it from last spring. A couple of shots of the Sandia Mountains that are about 60 miles to the east of where we were with the city of Albuquerque between us and the mountain. From here the mountain looks like just a big rock but up close you can tell it is covered in pine trees. First pic is of a strange peak to the west of where we were maybe another 50 miles. One pic is of a deer hoof print and it was very fresh. Maybe we chased the deer away but we didn't see it. One shot of an arroyo that we didn't manage to get across even though we could tell recent rains and made a mess of it. There were several other arroyo that were in a lot worse shape and we just turned around and backtracked to a different dirt road. Last shot is on the way home with the sun trying to shine through the clouds as it went down.

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