Monday, November 16, 2015

New Lighting

13 years ago when we moved into this house Hubby and I agreed the lights in the kitchen and bathrooms looked like lighting for a garage or shop and we would change them. Finally last June we agreed on some and I ordered them as they were online, and even on clearance. Here are photos of the old and the new. First one is of the old light in the bathroom followed by the new one in the bathroom. Then there is the old ones that were in the kitchen and were about 12 feet up so that it was a real adventure to change out a lightbulb or try to clean the fixture which had some sort of rough paint on it that made the dirt and grim stick to it so bad it couldn't be cleaned. Last are a couple of photos of my new chandelier. It is almost to large for my tiny kitchen but now I can see the kitchen. Don't have to guess at how much dirt, crumbs or left over food is on the cabinets.


  1. Nice! Little home improvement jobs make a big difference. For me recently it was just painting a new color in the bathroom.

    1. we did paint when we first moved in but plan to do it again soon

  2. .... how fab, your house will feature in the next issue of 'House and Garden' magazine - and makes my house look not just tired but exhausted!