Thursday, October 08, 2015

Eclipse of the Moon From New Mexico

The moon, (and the sun) always comes up over the Sandia Mountains where are about 50 miles east of us, although it depends on the time of year which part of the mountains  where the moon come up. It can very quit a bit. This is the moon coming up the night of the eclipse. It wasn't completely dark when it first pushed up over the mountain. The eclipse actually started about 7pm here and was complete at 8:24pm and over with an hour later. I took lots of photos as I don't expect to ever see one again. I am glad I have been able to see as many as I have. About 3 that I can remember, and several of the sun as well.


  1. Nice pictures! I missed it completely so I'm glad you captured it.I doubt that I will bealive next eclipse, either.

  2. ooooh, fab photos .... to think that we were watching the same event is wonderful. I love the moon rising over the mountains, they are better photos than I was able to capture (and I got a bit chilly sitting in the Somerset garden for an hour too!) xxx