Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Green Desert

Drove out across the desert today to have some down time and let Tuffee our Border Collie go for a run. I was amazed. In the spring the desert was dry and brown and looked as if someone had used a blow torch to just touch the tips of the plants. The drought was killing everything including the cactus. Now the rains have finally come back after about 10 years or so and everything is green again. There were flowers blooming that I could never remember seeing before. I counted 1 red flower, 2 blue flowers, 2 purple flowers, and about 5 or 6 different yellow and white kinds of blooms. Here are some of them. I tried to do distant shots and then close ups of the different kinds.


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    If you think it's green in the desert, you should drive up here into the mountains. The grass is so thick, green and tall! I don't remember it ever being like this iin the 7 years we've lived iin the Sandias.

  2. We went to the Jemez a few weeks ago and it was really green there, too. I posted some photos of mountain wild flowers and mushrooms on a previous post a few weeks ago

    1. Take a look at the photos I took in the Jemez Mountains a few weeks ago. I have lived in the Albuquerque area for almost 40 years and don't remember flowers like we have had this year.

  3. ... I wish we had mountains in Suffolk!! Here we call mole hills mountains!! Booteyful pix, as always. xxx