Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baby Birds

Yesterday the baby birds were all flying and flycatchers were chasing the old cat Murphy that follows us to the hay shed when we feed the horses. Murphy always comes back to the house with us when we are through. He didn't know what to think of those birds attaching him. I think one even grabbed some fur. The certainly weren't afraid of him. In the afternoon I watched the parent flycatchers teaching the chicks to catch bugs 'on the fly' they were using the low power line right behind our house as their launch site. They all got highly upset when a roadrunner came into the yard for a drink of water. The flycatchers would dive bomb the roadrunner and it even looked once as if a flycatcher actually hit the roadrunner on the back. Poor roadrunner was never able to get a drink. Finally it went and hid in the neighbors wild sunflower patch. I figure it went on to the next neighbors who has chickens with water out. The flycatchers stayed here so maybe it was able to get a drink there. I had the camera and got a couple of so-so shots of the roadrunner but was unable to get one of the flycatchers dive bombing it. Would have made a great video.
The baby hummer is learning to use the feeder and helps its mom chase off the other hummers.

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