Monday, March 24, 2014

Amaryllis Flower

 Amaryllis are amazing flowers. They are a bulb that has long strappy leaves and usually once a year they put up a long stalk with 2 to 4 very large blossoms. I got this one about 8 years ago. It bloomed and knowing it was hard to get them to re-bloom it migrated around through my plants stuck in here or there where there was extra room for it. A couple of weeks ago I notice it had decided to bloom again. First there was the long stalk with just a touch of red showing, gradually it got talker and bigger until all 3 blossoms were open. They are each at least 6 inches across. Of course one of the cats decided to play with one and put a couple of scratches in it.

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  1. ... they are stunning blooms aren't they!