Friday, November 22, 2013

Flooded Out

Drove out on the desert the other day and found where one of the cattle watering holes had flooded out when we had all the rain that caused the arroyo behind our house. 1st photo is from one side of the earthen dam that kept the water from going across the road. You can see the channel the flood water cut in the dam. Other photos show the hole or crater that was created by the flood water after it came though the dam. Must have been quite a sight. The hole looked to be about 15 to 20 feet deep. A couple of photos of some of the cows around their water hole including the bull. A photo of a leaning juniper tree that is on the side of the dam away from where the water came through. Glad it didn't get washed out. The tree and dam are just to the side of the road. We had taken Tuffee with us as she had been begging to go for a ride for some time. Photos of her kept blurring as she was running and having a good time even though she got a big chunk of cactus in her foot once that we had to pull out. Last photo just a distance shot across the desert.

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  1. ...lovely, especially the one of Tuffee on the open road!