Thursday, October 03, 2013

After Surgery

It has been 3 weeks since I had the para-esophageal hernia surgery. According to my Dr. I am doing great, but I feel like I'm taking a lot longer to get well than I expected. I am still feel weak as can be. Seems all I can do is sit around, watch TV, read, or play simple games on the computer like Bookworm or jigsaw puzzles. I have been doing the few dishes we use and a bit of laundry. Even then hubby fusses at me for doing it. He has been so good to me, doing all the chores by himself. Housework as well as yard work and taking care of the horses, dogs, and cats. I keep trying to do more but don't seem up to it.
     But eating has been the worst problem. For the first 2 weeks I was on nothing but a liquid diet. Broth, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, and a ton of pills that had to be crushed, mixed with food and taken that way. Some of them were awful tasting and the best thing I found was to mix them with some chocolate syrup. The first suggestions of applesauce, and yogurt didn't work at all. In fact the applesauce was the thing that caused me to want to throw up the most. And I was told not to throw up or could pull out all the stitches that were used to pull my stomach back into place.
     Now I am able to eat a small helping of cream of wheat cereal, soft scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, cream cheese on a Ritz or Graham cracker, (I take a small bit and let the cracker soften in my mouth then chew it about 15 times until I can swallow it.) I plan on trying some noodles with butter for supper tonight.
    I had thought I'd be eating more by now and the Dr. told me I could have small amounts of anything I wanted except bites of meat and raw veggies. Everything needed to be well cooked, and ground or mushy. Of course not eating meats isn't a problem. No, I am not a true vegetarian but well on my way to being one.
     This is not the best way to be loosing weight, even though I needed to loose a few, but I am. About 10 pounds so far and my clothes are starting to hang on me. But still I am swollen enough around my waist that most of my pants are to tight. Don't think I've ever worn PJ's and robes this much.


  1. Get well very soon, bless you, xxx

  2. I wish you all the best, I feel you are a fighter so I am sure life will be better for you soon. Best wishes / Arne