Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flooding in New Mexico

It was a true Friday the 13th this past Friday. Colorado had already had a lot of flooding on the west side of their state a few days before. New Mexico didn't think they would get that much of it. But we did. These are the photos that hubby took of the little bridge that crosses the arroyo (ditch) that is about a half mile from our house. We can see it from the back yard but we were much higher and safe from the water. There wasn't that much rain right here. Most of it came from north of us. We are west of the bridge. The photos are looking north east. The water came so fast with so much dirt, rocks, branches, and other stuff that it got caught rapidly under the bridge causing the water to rise above the bridge and over it. With in a few hours it was over except for the mess.
 We were lucky that this is all we had. Much of the state suffered far worse and many people still can't get to or out of their flooded homes. The little dirt roads going to of the mountain or desert communities became rivers with lot of damage including sink holes, boulders, drop offs and fallen trees. Many people had to be rescued and a few are still missing. We hope they make it to safety.

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