Monday, July 08, 2013

Wild Things

Their hard to see 'cause the little critters don't let me get close to them. Photos were taken through the window. First one is of a Harris Ground Squirrel flattened out on the ground in the shade trying to stay cool in our heat. Second is of one by a pot of flowers. These look kind of like a very pale colored chipmunk like is found in the mountains. 

A scaled quail coming in for water.

 An English house sparrow.

This roadrunner has been coming in ever day at about 2pm. Here he drank, jumped on post and across to another where you can only see his tail. We have had lots of rabbits, and some large rock squirrels, as well as coyotes, and lots of other birds. An owl calls every evening and part of the night.


  1. My mistake. I got the wrong photo of the pot of flowers. This one doesn't have the chipmunk beside of it.

  2. ... oh, so it is a House Sparrow ... he must be on his holidays :-) We don't see many over here these days, sadly, the farmers getting rid of their habitat are to blame. Lovely photos as ever xxx