Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lazy, Dirty People

I have been helping a friend clean one of her rental houses. I have helped before and know the situation. The renters don't want to pay as much as the owner wants, which isn't enough to make a profit after the mortgage on the house is paid each month, plus, the insurance, and taxes. The renters are all so nice and friendly and act like they will be more than glad to keep the place clean, both inside and out. But when they have been there for a few months the owner starts seeing signs of not cleaning and little bits of destruction to the property. This gets worse and worse as well as non-payment of rent until the renters have to be asked to leave. Sometimes they do, sometimes a simple eviction notice is enough, other times it takes a court order and the police to get them out.
My friend though buying a few properites and renting them would be an easy way to make some money. Not so. Every renter is required to pay a large damage deposit and asked to give 30 days notice before they move out. She has never had a renter give notice they were moving. They might call and say their gone, or come give her the keys and say they are out, or as in this case just be gone when she went to collect the rent. The renters cell phone isn't working any more, and she has left her job. None of the renters have ever made an effert to clean when they move out and most make sure to leave lots of holes in the walls, dirt on the floors, carpets, cabinets, and filty bathrooms. They never make any effert to clean the yards at all. I have heard of the city complaining about the weeds in the yards, and the owner having to request renters leave because they won't keep the weeds down, let alone think about keeping a lawn mowed, although it was stated that they would in their contract, and they agreed to it.
It makes me realize just how lazy and dirty the average person is.
Let me say right now that I know there are lots of people who rent and live up to the requirements of their contract. I know I usually left a rental house in better shape that it was when I moved in when I was having to rent. And I agree that a lot of people do the same. But around here it seems to be the normal thing to try to destroy as much of the house as you can or at the very least make it dirty and lots of work for the owner to clean up.
With this house the owner is going to have to have the house repainted again, new carpet put in, new tile in the kitchen and bathroom, one new door that was broken, a new door frame for the front door and around the area where the washer and dryer went. There is a large drawing/picture on the door going into the garage that looks like gang sign. If it can't be painted over the door will have to be replaced and it is one of the heavy metal safety doors. For safety the locks on the door will have to be changed. At least this time there is no sign of drugs yet, just lots of beer cans, and cigerate butts in the back yard. These renters couldn't even put their trash in the trashcan and put it at the curb on trashday even though the home owner paid the garabe bill. We figure there is about $5000 to have the house made livable for someone else again. We will do as much as we can so that other workers don't have to be called in. And this time the house is to be sold. My friend is getting out of the rental business. Everyone that we know that owns rental houses or apartments is doing the same. Where do these kinds of irresponsable people think they are going to live when their credit is shot because they were to lazy and liked living in filt, and all the rental owners get out of the business?

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